Is there a tutorial that I will share with you all, where we will discuss the connection between one computer with another computer. I get this experience when I worked at the company and the bosses have to be able to use this database to another computer. Okay lah we start now with the theme of making connections localhost to work on another computer.

The first stage:
First we have to make a connection with a computer connected to the other in order to read the database in the server computer.

Before we move on to the exposure of xampp installation on windows, you should know what it is XAMPP and how the workings of the application. XAMPP is a software which contains some of the software is Apache, PHP and MySQL which will be installed in a single package. XAMPP is a free app, you can download directly from the official website XAMPP is or search on google with keywords "XAMPP download". There are several types of web servers that can be used to build applications or building websites, including: phptriad, apache2triad, wampp and xampp. Here we will use XAMPP to create php application as a web server.

I have experience working in my office, so I wanted to share my experience with you all. In the office there is the addition of data input that I have made that would already be more simple to just pick on the first combobox and the second combobox will automatically be filled with only the appearance is different. For example, we create a program to select for example Laptop Brand: Acer, Dell, Toshiba, and so on. Having selected the laptop brand in the second combobox will populate the type of the laptop brand that has been selected, for example, we chose the Acer then the second combobox will be filled with aspire-5570z, aspire-4440 and so on.

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Before we start creating a project on PHP and MySQL, you must first create a database because the database is needed in the project later. Well we are going to create a database using mysql xampp. Here I will explain how to create a mysql database with a command prompt (CMD) and through phpMyAdmin Tool is a tool that comes from xampp.

Well, we'll start now by using the command prompt and Tool phpMyAdmin.

I'll explain a bit my knowledge to you all to be able to create a button that contains the name of the employee, nip and occupation. If we choose the name of the column nip and positions will be automatically filled in since we've been connecting the "employee table" and "table contents" in a single database.

Someone asked about the date, how do we make a date with a simple click on the date column. So I want to explain a little knowledge I have about making a calendar with datepicker.

The first step:
Make advance index.php files to display the date that we will use and save on htdocs and create a new folder in htdocs, eg "date".
Here's the source code index.php