Before we move on to the exposure of xampp installation on windows, you should know what it is XAMPP and how the workings of the application. XAMPP is a software which contains some of the software is Apache, PHP and MySQL which will be installed in a single package. XAMPP is a free app, you can download directly from the official website XAMPP is or search on google with keywords "XAMPP download". There are several types of web servers that can be used to build applications or building websites, including: phptriad, apache2triad, wampp and xampp. Here we will use XAMPP to create php application as a web server.

The first step:
First we prepare XAMPP first software that we downloaded at the official site, after install the software.
Then will appear the option to select the desired language, we choose Indonesian Language or Britain. If you master another language such as Spanish language you can choose in the options. So I use English here.

Step Two:
After clicking OK on the choice of language, the next window will appear that windows setup wizard Welcome to The XAMPP where the window displays only posts welcome. Click "Next" to continue.

Step three:
Next you are asked to choose a storage location XAMPP, if you want to choose a storage location just click on the browser button and specify where the location of XAMPP and if you want to select the default storage ignore browser button then click "Next" button to proceed to the next stage.

Step five:
Once the storage location then we move on to the install option, in this window there is XAMPP Desktop to create a shortcut that will appear on the desktop, Start Menu to make XAMPP Apache folder into the start menu and service section to install apache, mysql and filezilla which will runs if start up. I do not check the three options as shown. Click "Next" to proceed to the next stage.

Step six:
This window is XAMPP installation process, wait a while until the installation is complete.

Step seven:
Complete, XAMPP installation is complete. Click "Finish" to proceed with other options.

Step Eight:
Once you click "Finish" window will appear to the choice of whether to run XAMPP now or later. I would choose "yes" to proceed to the next stage.

Step nine:
When you click "yes" above, will perform windows XAMPP control panel application. Running XAMPP is functioning as a server PC's Each time you run the application look like the image below will always arise because we do not check the third option on the windows XAMPP Option. If the page does not appear you can open again and click on the desktop icon XAMPP Control panel.

Step ten:
Click Start on each apache and mysql to run XAMPP running it will appear on the mark for both. Your computer is now a local web server.

Step fence:
If you want to test whether XAMPP running on your computer as a local web server then we will try to run it with a browser that is on your computer (eg Mozzila, Chrome and so on) type http://localhost  if the display appears as shown below in your browser then your computer is working as a web server local.pilih language you want to use when running XAMPP. If you want to replace another language later in life, you can turn on this page. We use the English language for this XAMPP

Step Twelve:
Done, after we choose a language before it will appear like this where there are many choices. For example making datatabase, changing passwords and so on. If you want to create a database phpmyadmin click.

Only that I can explain to you all, if you have questions about this tutorial you can comment below. thank you.

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