Is there a tutorial that I will share with you all, where we will discuss the connection between one computer with another computer. I get this experience when I worked at the company and the bosses have to be able to use this database to another computer. Okay lah we start now with the theme of making connections localhost to work on another computer.

The first stage:
First we have to make a connection with a computer connected to the other in order to read the database in the server computer.
The second stage:
After connecting one computer to another, then we run the preceding program is already running XAMPP localhost good in computer servers.
Remember! This setting that we are only at the server computer only, while the client computer just open the computer server at the IP link browsing program.

The third stage:
There are several settings when running the database, ie we have to change port 80 to port 50 of XAMPP because port 80 is already used up by an Oracle. If we do not have the Oracle computer then this third stage can be ignored.
Sign in to your httpd.conf file is located at C: \ xampp \ apache \ conf \ httpd.conf and then we change port 80 to port 50


The fourth stage:
After the third stage has been changed, then the next step is to change port 443 to port 4499. You do this by opening the httpd-ssl.conf file, go to the folder C: \ xampp \ apache \ conf \ extra \ httpd-ssl.conf. change the data as shown below:

The five stage:
Here we will select an IP which can access the database of XAMPP localhost on the server machine, the way is to open the file httpd-xampp.conf that exist in C: \ xampp \ apache \ conf \ extra \ httpd-xampp.conf. we change the security line, if you look hard at the search button and typing find "security" then the data will be performed after the change in the security of data in the.
Then there are the bottom line "Allow From All" that we remove and we change the computer IP anywhere that can access it. See the following picture:

If you want to add all the computers can use your localhost, then delete the data in the anti dang box with Allow from all back.

The sixth stage:
This step is the last step and the most important in all steps. We have to add the data in the file httpd-xampp.conf that exist in C: \ xampp \ apache \ conf \ extra input PerlSwitches-T in that file under LoadModule. As in the image below:

After setting all the steps above, do not forget to restart Apache and Mysql service on your localhost XAMPP refresh manner. Serperti picture below :

# How to Run on the client computer #

After all finished, we will use the configuration that we created earlier. So we just need a browsing program is Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and so on. Typing on the browser page with an IP server that we set earlier, namely:
then the data will look like the image below:

 Thanks All

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